A photo series counterbalancing ‘selected’ specially shot images with spontaneous actions ‘after ‘ the action has happened. Compare and contrast in a semi raw form. This series is one of a dream like yearning for a misunderstood emotional state. Two people, together yet apart in a flurry of mixed messages. They do (not) understand the magnitude of this perpetual symbiotic relationship.
‘Found aesthetic Journalistic’ photography. It has its own narrative, both aesthetic AND journalistic in approach.
Constructed with a filmic sense – sets – make up – actors are placed with no apparent reason. We retreat into a fantasy world – constructed pictorally – images as if stills from a film.
Here there is no narrative, continuity prevails but not always from image to image. The viewer is given no guidance and has no option but to run through the possiblities.
The process might be confusing to retrace, but the invitation is there to work it out and to put yourself in the position of the artist watching as the design took shape. The moment of origination and the melencholy of passing time, imagery relevant only to the moment.